Wynne’s Losing Power Play

Kathleen Wynne’s days as a politician and leader of Ontario are numbered.

She’s ruling on borrowed time.

The ‘power play’ that Kathleen Wynne is pursuing is killing the prospects of Liberals in Ontario.  Come time for the next election, she will lose.

At the root of the issue is electricity.  Rates in Ontario have increased substantially for the last 20 years and will continue to increase.

We are SELLING electricity to the US and other neighbours while the people of Ontario are being lead to believe that new initiatives to increase our reliance on electricity should be bought into and supported.

Ontario Hydro should NEVER have been sold off, despite the crippling load of debt that exists with the company.  Ontario should have privatized the LCBO instead.

The recent ‘carbon’ plan subsidizes car manufacturers, not people who invest in electrical independence, gained by solar, wine, geothermal and other renewable forms of energy that help us get ‘off the grid’.

She is gambling that people will continue to demand electricity and will allow themselves to be handcuffed to an electrical system and network that will fail enormously, both in terms of addressing the needs of consumers, but also the businesses that rely on electricity for our manufacturing infrastructure.

Paying out a few bucks to rural customers is a joke.

Wynne’s power play will lead to her political demise.

The problem:  who’s a suitable leader to challenge her?

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