A most deplorable term: ‘Gullibillies’

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I don’t know who first coined the term ‘Gullibillies’ but it may as well have been the same person that made up a slew of other derogatory terms.  Think of a culture, think of a colour, think of a creed.

Now we have social class as a derogatory category.

Say ‘gullibillies’ and you may as well shout out the ‘N’ word in Harlem.

There’s a LOT of anger and characterization – fair or not – that goes into these kinds of words and if ‘liberal elites’ are going to dig themselves out of any hole, they’d better stop using the word and, to be honest, look for ways to ensure no one in their circles utter the word.

You’re not showing any sense of consideration or empathy concerning the job loss, the isolation, anxiety, poverty or disruption that these once-middle class, white, rural Americans have faced over the last few decades as governments around the world have become more of a corporatocracy.

It’s crassly insensitive and overtly demeaning.

In fact, you’re feeding right into the hands of the true elite who want to fracture votes and pit person against person when what we really need to do is find issues that we all have in common and direct our anger towards the 1%.

Donald Trump isn’t an ‘everyday’ kind of guy.

He is one of the ‘true elite’ and his $5,000 coverings are making the smell that every asshole does when pants are on fire.  But that didn’t stop him from creating a fake fissure between sensible yet desperate people in the US during the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election.

As we can all see, there’s a giant bait and switch taking place right now, with Trump instantly backing out on his ‘promises’ and resorting to nepotism, cronyism, corporate tax cuts and appointments of KKK racist pigs.

Yes, the majority of voters for Donald Trump seem to be white, once-middle class rural voters. (Source 2)  They are increasingly alienated by anything progressive in the world, be it a black President, abortion, women’s rights, gay rights and so on.

voteCity size shows pretty much the same thing, but even more so points to how the smaller the town, the more likely people got conned into believing something might come of Trump’s promises:


Their way of living is under constant attack.

So they’re mad.  These men are (mostly Christian) Boomers, representing the vast majority of money and voters in the US.

Canada and other western countries are no different.

Exceptionally cynical politicians like Trump, Leitch (Leech?), Le Pin and Brexit organizers are stealing their votes so they can funnel more cash up to themselves and their stockholder friends.

If the world is ever going to stop the steep decline we’re currently facing with democracies, we have to stop using seemingly simple words to put each other down.

If we don’t, They win.

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