The Liars and Believers

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Trudeau and Trump are the same people: they are liars who tell us anything we want to hear in order to get to office.

Trudeau used the ‘velvet hammer’ of quotes like ‘sunny times’ and ‘the last time we’ll have a first past the post voting system’.

This week, the lies caught up with him.

Trudeau has pledged a commitment to manufacturing, distributing and producing carbon all the while forcing Canadian jurisdictions to impose carbon taxes on Canadians.

Trudeau has approved 2 out of 3 pipelines, with the third likely to be approved with a bit of arm twisting and … you guessed … more lies.

Trump’s form of lies are much more obvious … assuming you’re paying attention, but in a weird way, Trump will actually be able to take the higher ground because his lies were meant to deceive voters that want racism and hate to become more entrenched in American politics and policy.

They won’t be.  They were just lies to fire the blood of voters that have been misled into believing a certain kind of story about politics in America.

Like or not Trudeau and Trump are two sides of the same coin.  They lie and deceive us in order to get into office.

What’s next for voters?

I wish I had a suggestion, but perhaps this 3 minutes of classic George Carlin will remind you that we’re not supposed to have an answer:

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