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Democracy, RIP

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Democracy is dead.

The world is experiencing the dying days of the promise of something better, different, driven by people.

Democracy hasn’t just died.  It was murdered.

It’s been a long, slow death of a thousand cuts, but we know now the intention was there to kill it.

Justin Trudeau killed it with his lies.  Donald Trump killed it with his promises.  Brexit proponents killed it with its implicit racism and intolerance.

RIP Democracy.

You server us well.  Now, who will we serve?

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Electoral Reform Promises Made, Promises Broken

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It has just been announced (here and here) that Justin Trudeau will not pursue electoral reform in his current mandate.

Let’s hope, then, that the mandate is kept to just one, as Justin Trudeau is proving himself to be a putz on a major scale.

Apparently, there isn’t support for a new electoral system.  What does a whopping majority based on that single promise mean?

Too many selfies, too many broken promises, too many efforts to sidle up to the oil industry.

So, what do we do?  Do we sit back idly and wait for Trump-juniors and nightmares like Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary to lead the way to an election victory in 2019?

Or, do we write our MPs and demand electoral reform before it’s too late?

Your call.  Make it soon.

And when the f*ck is the NDP going to turf Mulcair and put a new leader in place?

Sigh.  Maybe we should start a new party that actually gives a shit about Canada and Canadians?


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