Trump’s Closed Door Policy Opens The World To New Reichstag Moment

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The famous quote from Shakepeare:  ‘All the world’s a stage and we are merely players’.

What we are witnessing with the new Trump regime is nothing short of a bizarrely concocted series of theatrics into making the world think that there’s some sanity holding sway in the United States.

The recent decision by the federal appeals court against Trumps closed door immigration and refugee policy is case in point.

Trump’s outrage is enormously public and … on cue.


This is all a well scripted act.

The rejection of Trump’s closed policy will open the door to the next big ‘Reichstag moment’ in the United States.
Wait for it.
It will come.
They do not have the patience for a Supreme Court challenge (even though they control it now).
And then the shit will really hit the fan.
Martial law.  No more rights.  No more privacy (not that we have any).
Complete and utter concentration of control at the top.
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