Hey Lamestream, Focus on the Right Question: Did Jeff Sessions Lie to Congress?

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Oh, Donald.

You suck.

The issue: Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s appointee for Attorney General – one of the highest and most important legal positions in the country – may have lied to the Congress during his confirmation hearing and he has now had to recuse himself from any investigations associated with Donald Trump and his gaggle of puppets on Vladamir Putin’s strings.

The distraction: quoting the same source that brought us questions about Obama’s legitimacy as an American citizen, Donald Trump used Twitter to declare that Obama had issued FBI-sanctioned wire taps on his hotel in New York.

Look, not even Melania is ‘tapping Donald’s wire’, but that’s not the point.  The point is that Donald is trying to distract the world from this mess created by his and his government’s reliance on Russia to bring him a win in 2016.

And he’s not doing it with a private investigation using the world’s largest investigative authorities because he’s alienated all of the FBI, CIA, NSA and other institutions that are supposed to protect the President.

The connections with Russia that continue to materialize just months after the inauguration of Donald Trump are the real issues that need to be investigated, which I’m sure these fine institutions are doing.  Which is why Donald’s only resource is to belch wild-ass ridiculous accusations out to the public as a distraction from reality.

This is a deep issue and lamestream media needs to keep focusing on the real issue concerning the current President’s relationship with the likes of Putin, Wikileaks owner Julian Assange and how many pieces were in play to deliver the top office to someone dangerously unqualified to run it.

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