Republicans: Do They Have a Future?

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This article from Robert Reich outlining the 4 (maybe 5) reasons why Donald Trump should be impeached spurs many thoughts.

First, here’s a summary of the 4 (maybe 5) reasons for impeachment:

  1. Trump is “‘unfaithfully’ executing his duties” by accusing former President Barack Obama of “undertaking an illegal and impeachable act” (without evidence).
  2. The Consitution of the US forbids government officials from taking things of value from foreign governments, but in at least one case (China), Trump is receiving economic benefits in the form of permission to implement the Trump brand in China.
  3. The travel ban – being based on religion – is in violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution which bans any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
  4. Labeling the press as ‘enemy of the people’ and giving privileged access to organizations that will give favourable cover of his office is a violation of the 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press.
  5. Treason.  With evidence mounting that Trump colluded with a foreign government (Russia) to interfere with the 2016 general election, Trump could be impeached for reasons of treason.


Now, to the point of this article.  My long view is that the Republicans are toast.

Donald Trump will destroy the Presidency for the Republicans.

Of course, he won’t be impeached because the Presidency, the Senate and the Congress are ALL controlled by the Republicans, so there is no political will for leaders to take action against their own party.

That said, my prediction is that the 2018 Senate and House of Representatives elections will bring about a Democrat majority for both institutions.

We’ll not only have the political will to impeach Donald Trump, but the path will be paved for the complete ruin of the Republican party, given the array of mishaps, mis-truths and abuse of government we can expect to see from the Trump circus over the next 18 months.

That said, the Democrats have to get their act together now and understand how pissed Americans are about the global economy and other non-issue issues like ‘terrorism’, ‘racism’ and other ‘-isms’.

They’ll need to gut their party and start running on a platform of austerity and accountability.  They’ll need to get out of the pockets of ‘big business’ and the revolving door.

In other words, they’re poised to lose a splendid opportunity.

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