When Trump is Impeached, Who Will Replace Him?

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The answer is Mike Pence.

Right now, things are NOT looking good for Donald Trump, prima donna extraordinaire.

After the blasting received by Schiff, it now looks like the world can add Paul Manafort to the list of conspirators with respect to the Russian connection.

This article exposes how Manafort who worked as President Trump’s campaign manager in 2016, secretly worked to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government a decade ago, according to a new report.

With this new nail in the coffin, impeachment proceedings will likely have to begin within the next 3-6 months.

When Trump is impeached, who will replace him?

The official line of succession is that it will be the following people:

  1. Vice-President (Mike Pence)
  2. Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan)
  3. President pro tempore of the Senate (Orrin Hatch)
  4. Cabinet (currently with fifteen members, beginning with the Secretary of State)

There’s just ONE teensy little problem …

They’re all involved!

Well, not quite, but they’re all Republicans and it’s unlikely that any of them will take an aggressive stance against Trump, making them complicit with respect to the issues that Trump has brought to Washington.

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