It’s About The Power

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Back about 120 years ago, the likes of Edison, JP Morgan and others were drooling at the prospect of how electricity would not liberate humanity, but enslave it.

Monthly bills, recurring debts for massive infrastructure projects and other excessive costs that were transferred to government, while profits were distributed to shareholders and creditors.

The key to this was the prospect of bringing light to humanity.

And humanity signed up in droves.

Not much has changed.

Many people today complain that they have to decide on feeding themselves versus paying their power bills.

The cost of grid-based electricity is climbing and massive, bloated, debt-ridden public energy utilities can’t change their industry because of their greed.

Here in Ontario, our government (without permission) privatized part of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), handing the cash-flow over the private owners, while retaining the liability of the debts and the cost of doing business.

One the other side of the equation:  renewables.

During the same time period as evil, greedy institution makers like Edison and Morgan was the greatest inventor of the 20th centure: Nikola Tesla.

Tesla’s vision was to free electricity and save humanity from carbon-based production while also moving us away from dull and repetitive tasks.

He came close a number of times to accomplishing that dream.  Whether it was Niagara Falls (which has paid for itself a thousand times over), tapping lightning or inventing other machines that could produce nearly perfect repeatable energy without excessive input, Tesla has his mind wrapped around the shaping of the universe.

Unfortunately, the Robber Barrons left him penniless and shamed as he lay dying in a New York hotel room.  But that’s another story.

The point of this article:  we MUST continue to do what we can to cast the yoke of monthly bills that keep us economically suppressed.  Even when the government pretends that it should earn a piece of your production when they’re not involved, as is the case with the person in PEI that built a ‘zero-impact’ home but is still facing a stiff HST charge.

It’s about the power, figuratively and literally.  It belongs to us or them.

Which are you going to choose?

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