July 5, 2017

Say No To Mainstream Media Bailout, Saskatchewan Version

By admin

The mainstream media in Canada, lead by American-owned PostMedia Corporation, is looking for an epic bailout to the tune of $350 million per year.

They want Canadian taxpayers to subsidize the likes of Wente and Blatchford so that they can continue to lambast government waste. And Trudeau’s socks.

But where was the mainstream media howls of indignation when Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan government got downgraded by Standard & Poor’s?

We’ve heard all about the ‘end of the world’ scenarios that will happen because of ‘gross mismanagement’ of the Albertan budget by the NDP, but why isn’t Wall being crucified for his incompetence?


Yeah … keep asking, but we’ll keep pushing back.

Your hypocrisy will fade from the planet and we’ll be the better for it.