July 31, 2017

The Needle and Damage Done

By admin

Pharmaceutical producer and supplier Purdue had a $20 million fine slapped on it today as part of a class-action lawsuit concerning communication of the effects of opioids.

Canada now has a significant opioid problem that is costing EVERY province billions per year in terms of remediation, deaths and crime.

I’ve rambled about this issue before and we now see who the dealer is.

If we want to even remotely begin to solve the issues related to opioids, we need to start by doing two things immediately:

  1. Reject the settlement with Purdue and pursue a substantially greater fine, to the tune of several billion.
  2. Prohibit the medical community from prescribing any Purdue or other opioids until we’ve can turn the tables on this crisis.

People chastise me for being relentlessly opposed to the vaccinazis that force us to pump poisons into our kids arms.

This same culture has created a drug epidemic unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in Canada.

Do you not understand that this cycle MUST stop?