They Must Be High

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The Wynne government has announced that they will create yet another monopoly to control the sale and distribution of marijuana in Ontario.

They must be high.

The plan is up in smoke.

Maybe they’re smoking their own stash.

Insert other pot-related expression to exhibit how stupid a plan this is.

We DO NOT need another monopoly for the sale of a legal product in Ontario.

The government’s LCBO is already on its last legs and we’re in the process of privatizing it by allowing grocery licenses and direct distribution to larger food and retail monopolies (mom and pop shops need not apply).

Add to this the simple FACT that marijuana is easy to grow.

It’s not like wine or spirits (or even beer) that require a good knowledge of how to ferment products without killing yourself (which is why the ‘control’ aspect was brought in under Prohibition years a century ago).

It’s called ‘weed’ after all.

As weed is decriminalized (planned for as late as July 1, 2018), people will be able to grow marijuana in their own backyards or basements.

Controlling the sale and distribution of marijuana will be a COMPLETE WASTE of taxpayer dollars.  It’s not a product that can be monopolized because it will be ubiquitous.

Focus on your legal issues, Wynne.

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