When Is Science Not Science?

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No, it’s not meant to be a riddle.

I’ve seen several stories of late that are about people’s inability to cope with ‘science’.

This article with the CBC is just the latest in a growing pile of steaming turds that turn my stomach.

What the CBC misses – and perpetuates – is that people don’t trust corporate science because it’s driven by the profit motive, not the public’s best interest.

Occasional, the two overlap, but rarely.

So yeah, I ‘doubt science’ because science hasn’t been ‘science’ for decades.

Agendas have interfered with observation.

Messages have interfered with methodology.

Obfuscation has interfered with unbiased data collection and analysis.

What we have today is ‘corporate science’ driven by profit motive. Data that doesn’t agree with ‘corporate science’ gets tossed and is ignored.

People are told by the media that ‘corporate science’ is good for us. Look how long it’s taken to break through the lies of smoking, carbon, vaccines, pesticides and more.

Unfortunately, the CBC is using public funds to perpetuate this cycle by not digging into some of the explosive stories that are in front of our faces and using it’s brand to cow the public into thinking we should be ashamed because we doubt the junk that’s coming out of someone’s corner office.

This is like burning an atheist at the stake because that person correctly uses unbiased science to show that there is no God.

Today, we idolize the almighty dollar instead of a God.

Shame on the CBC for keeping this cycle going.

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