When Science Isn’t Science, The Wiarton Willie Edition

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I’m in a ‘blame the CBC’ mood today because I’ve heard a string of absurd stories on the radio this morning that I simply can’t ignore.

This time, it’s all about the death of Wiarton Willie.

Science, 1; Abiding by myths associated with furry rodents, 0.

In other words, the CBC is perpetuating the stupidity the underlies adherence to ‘traditions’ and ‘superstition’ as opposed to chatting with a meteorologist (who, it can be argued, abide by their own version of ’50/50 chance of anything’).

I know … these are ‘human interest stories’ that knit together the fabric that is our loving and fun society. But really, they’re not.

C’mon CBC. Read your own ‘damning’ statistics about Canadians not trusting ‘science’ and run some real stories.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they go out and interview someone that wants to blame the earthquakes in Mexico on its celebration of sodomy and homosexual rights.

Oh wait … I think they just did.

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