Questioning the Direction of Public Spending

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We should do it all the time: ask WTF? when it comes to public spending.

All levels should have a better focus on the basic needs of life and comfort of our lives.

A couple of examples:

Since 2002, we’ve spent more than $260 billion on roads and transportation infrastructure.

Since 1988, Canada has spent an eye-popping, staggering $430 billion on defense.

Add to this that people lose their freakin’ minds when they see a puppy in a car on a hot day AND WE STILL CAN’T SEEM TO JUSTIFY EXPENSES ON THE BASICS THAT SAVE LIVES OR KEEP OUR KIDS COMFORTABLE.

Our kids are suffering in classes when temperatures rise above 25C, let alone the record-breaking 35-40C that we’re currently experiencing.

All we hear about is how expensive new AC units would be.

We installed a ductless air conditioner for $2500.  Given the potential clout that the Ontario government would have over suppliers, I’m sure they could get that number down a little.

Our priorities are messed up.

Just try it.  Just try to show some compassion for our kids for a change.

You might actually feel good about it.

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