Why Traditional Media Is Failing

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Here’s a timely article from the Financial Post (owned by PostMedia, which I’ll get to in a second) that slams the current BC government for having been the least friendly towards the oil and gas industry in Canada.

Frankly, if I were in BC, I would be PROUD of this headline because it shows that the BC government has stopped sucking up to the oil barrons of the world.

And they’re scared.

So they dump a pile of BS trash on the public, like they think they’re going to tell the majority of BC voters that opted for anything but the ‘sold’ Liberals

We’re at the start of stopping a vicious cycle of manipulation and control by the media, corporations and our governments.

The first step for those in BC was that they took back their government.

Now they have to put up with ‘scientific surveys’ from organizations like the Fraser Institute, a hive of right-wing manipulation since it’s inception.

Media companies routinely quote from the Fraser Institute like it’s gospel, never analyzing the data, the sources or the people funding the institution.

And this is why Canadians (and people around the world who put up with the same model around the world) are rejecting ‘traditional media’.

They are sick of the lies and manipulation.

PS About PostMedia

PostMedia and the Toronto Star recently collaborated to shutter dozens of ‘local’ media shops. I didn’t cover the story but I’m excited about what this means for our collective futures when it comes to news and information.

In other words, don’t worry. It matters for shit because it will finally … and hopefully … motivate Canadians to do what’s right for their local communities and start their own local papers or news services.

Or … we can lobby the CBC to do the job taxpayers have hired them to do and stop narrating and actually creating quality local stories.

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