A Nation on Opioids

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This Globe and Mail article seems to ‘celebrate’ the news that opioid prescriptions dropped in 2016.

From a massive 1.3 MILLION new starts (I’ll get to that in a second) down to 1.275 million new starts.

Let’s all hail this massive victory.

‘Starts’ are basically NEW scripts for opioids.  This is for people who have not received an opioid prescription in the previous 6 months.

Did anyone stop to think that still means there are BILLIONS of opioid-related pills and related units making it to the market on an INCREMENTAL basis every year?

It’s no wonder we have a crisis. The medical community has the ‘pedal to the metal’ and is doing everything it can to ensure that every Canadian is hooked on some form of heroin.

I say it’s time for a FULL OUT BAN on new prescriptions and/or ‘starts’ in Canada in order to put an end to the legal distribution of what should be illegal and illicit drugs.

Will this drive the market underground?

No doubt.  But as of July 1, the entire ‘war on drugs’ community is going to be out of work because of the legalization of pot.

Let’s give them something to do.

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