January 31, 2018

June 7: I’m Voting Green

By admin

Apparently, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PCPO) was hanging together by a very thin, well-worn thread and when Patrick Brown quit, the party is now falling apart.

It seems like no one is interested in the PCPO leadership – Lisa MacLeod and Monte McNaughton both turned down the job – and interim leader Vic Fedeli has set his sights on ‘issues within the party’:

Fedeli, chosen by caucus as temporary leader Friday after Patrick Brown resigned in the face of sexual misconduct allegations, said he needs to devote all his energy to fixing problems within the party instead of launching a leadership campaign.

Problems involve its internal reporting, membership lists and analysis, and security of computer systems, he said at a news conference at Queen’s Park. Fedeli confirmed that the party suffered a “ransomware attack” on its computer systems on Nov. 1.

There’s absolutely NO CHANCE I’m going to vote for the Liberals. Wynne (following in the wake of McGuinty) has destroyed the government of Ontario. The unpopular sell-off of Ontario Hydro, explosive spending, the corruption charges related to email and gas plants and a growing list of other issues have eliminated any sense of trust with this voter.

And now the PCPO is off the list.  Why would I vote for a party who’s own interim leader has fully publicly acknowledged that it’s in turmoil?

That leaves the Greens and NDP.  At a point in my life, I would have had a soft spot for the labour movement, but no longer.  Most of the province’s unionized staff suck off the teat of the public purse (nurses, professors, teachers, etc) and are not subject to the ever-changing whirls of the free market.

The only logical choice, therefore, is the Green Party of Ontario.  They have many components of their plan, but the biggest reason to vote for them: they support a SINGLE education board. No more Separate School Board, thank you.

In the past, I’ve been hard on the Greens. I’ve been so bold as to call them ‘yellow blues’, as in Conservative wolves in a Green clothing (green being a yellow version of blue).

With so few real options, I must force myself to withdraw that view and support the Greens.