No Apology = No Preferential Tax Treatment

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Why is it so hard for the Catholic church to say it’s sorry?

Time and again, their arrogance and hubris blocks them from doing the right thing.

The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission was very clear in its recommendations, including an important acknowledgement and apology from the religious institutions that brought about such pain and sorrow with the residential school program.

The Protestants apologized.

The United Church apologized.

The Anglicans have apologized.

But the Catholics stand fast and refuse to apologize for the wrongs committed, despite the fact that Catholic-run schools were about two-thirds of the 150 schools across Canada.

So, let them do that. Let them ignore the responsibility of trying to heal wounds.

But let them also enjoy existence in Canada without any tax status, be it tax-free status for property taxes or status as an official status in Canada.

At a bare minimum, Canadians should withhold donations to the Catholic church until it takes ownership for the crimes committed against First Nations people in Canada.

It’s almost impossible to estimate that massive wealth that gets transferred from Canadians to the Vatican every year, be it donations, fundraisers or even gains made from ownership of some of the most valuable real estate in the country.

There are hundreds of churches and thousands of priests across the country servicing millions of Canadians.

Of course, the real truth is that nothing of the sort will happen. Nearly 40% of Canadians (wow! I had no idea) identify as a Catholic. It’s unlikely that so many will abandon their adherence to such an archaic and twisted role model.

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