April 28, 2018

‘Fake News’ and alt-right: A Match Made in Heaven

By admin

Fake news.

We’re supposed to point our fingers at social media sites like Facebook and enablers like Google for the so-called harm they’re imposing on our system.

They’re actively trying to steal our democracy.

And yet, everywhere I turn, there’s a consistent pattern:

  • Old white men complain about ‘fake news’
  • Mainstream media companies leading the charge against the new entrants
  • Traditional publishers clearly┬ádoing their best to mislead the public when it comes to voting, decision options and the future of democracy.

Companies like PostMedia and other simply CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

The folks at CanadaLand have proven this time and again and have proven this one more time in the run-up to the provincial election.

The case is made based on leaked documents from the Toronto Sun (a subsidiary of PostMedia) that they will ‘structure’ the debate according to their makers.

Example: ‘culture war’ as a meme created by Sun Media.



The good place for this kind of media is the trash bin.