April 2, 2018

Media: We Don’t Trust You Any More

By admin

Mainstream media – lead by companies like Sinclair in the US or PostMedia in Canada – can’t be trusted any more.

Check this out:

For too long, corporate interests have been pushing news and information into the abyss, only to generate its own version of some ugly-headed Medusa that turns us all into stone.

Money talks.

So, truth walks.

For nearly two decades now, consumers of media have had options and these options are coming under fire by idiots like Trump and Bannon’s Breitbart that suggest people who seek out the truth are, well, idiots.

Let’s identify the perpetrators of the crime here: corporate-owned mainstream media.

The sooner we understand this and how advertising and other financial conflicts of interest conspire to mislead the public, the sooner we’ll have an opportunity to take back full ownership of our democracy.

And keep up the pressure! Companies like Sinclair are finally being called out for their BS and lies.