April 28, 2018

Political Correctness: Your Primary Opponents are Dying Off

By admin

Political correctness.

We hear about it all the time, especially from ‘fake news’ organizations in the mainstream.

We’re being told that things like ‘gender neutral’ washrooms are a crime against nature.

Or that we don’t need to worry about ‘climate change’ and that it’s just a conspiracy to get us to pay more at the gas pumps.

Or that digital technology is invading our privacy and offers us nothing in return.

Or in the US how efforts to take weapons of mass elimination (ie. guns like the AR15) out of the hands of ‘freedom fighters’ is tyranny.

Wrong on all counts. And many, many more.

Think about how our very own language confronts and subjugates women. Examples: think of any word referring to ‘women’ that is not diminutive or derivative of ‘men’. Female? No. She? No (‘he’ is part of ‘she’). ‘Mister’ ranks higher than ‘Missus’ (‘Mister’ being a variant of ‘Master’). Human? Nope – hu-man.

See … the consistent meme here is that there is only one species of human that is ‘suffering’ at the hands of political correctness:

  • White
  • Male
  • Middle-aged
  • Frequently (but not always) lower level of education
  • Rural

Thankfully, this breed of humanity can’t fight the constant rising tide of women, people of different race and ethnicity and youth that want to be treated equally and have the right to treat people equally.

This breed of person (pere-son, or father’s son from French) has to be prepared to concede a little territory to the rising tide of people that want to join in on determining the fate of this planet we all share.