What Do You Call A Pitch Without A Plan?

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I work as an entrepreneur.

I started a business that I wanted to take to the market.

Venture capitalists wanted a plan.

I gave them one that included the most accurate estimates that I could generate.

The numbers have been scrutinized, analyzed, questioned, turned upside down and ultimately, potential was identified. After many revisions and a LOT of critiquing.

Doug Ford, it seems, is impervious to this level of scrutiny and demand.

He refuses to release a full platform or costing for his promises (despite this light version released here), so there’s little to go on except ‘trust me’.

If I were to try to pull this on investors putting their hard-earned money into my business AND either my numbers weren’t audited, didn’t add up, weren’t costed properly or were simply made up, I could be held liable for fraud.

What will happen if we discover there’s nothing but spitballs, darts and hyperbole behind Ford’s campaign?

For me, the reality is that the media should be putting Ford’s feet to the fire, but they aren’t. We’re dealing with a candidate that has a lot of questions to answer, but they’re still allowed to run on racism, rage and ridicule.

Make it stop on June 7.

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