June 4, 2018

On Thursday, I Will Vote NDP. I Hope You Will Too.

By admin

I’m still absorbing the ‘shocking’ update from Kathleen Wynne, admitting that the Liberal Party of Ontario will not make any headway on Thursday.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

I should have expected her to concede or quit much sooner, but she didn’t.

They kept up the guise that there was a viable option in Ontario before Saturday.

That is no longer true.

It’s a great example of the deep, profound corruption of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

On Thursday, I will vote NDP and I encourage everyone else to do this.

You may feel like you’re holding your nose diving in, but we have to bring change to Ontario and we have to yell at the Liberals for bringing Ontario to so many new lows.

Please. Don’t go for the ‘let’s keep them from getting a majority’ bullshit. This is just one last ploy of a politician that should never have been leader of Ontario.