Stephen Harper, Traitor

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Stephen Harper is probably the one person that I loathe in Canadian – or any – political circles.

He is the most royal of douchebags and has always hated the supply management system we have in Canada.

Now, he strikes again as a traitor to Canada.

There is NO other word.

Who else abuses their history as a politician to wrestle his way into the face of lunatics (ie. Donald Trump) against the will and intent of his own country?

Not only is he a traitor, he’s a loser. He lost the last Canadian election to a political novice and he will go down in history as someone who has intentionally sabotaged the operations of the federal government for decades to come.

Land mines like Phoenix or the Kinder Morgan pipeline continue to explode in the face of the current government.

The only people who plan to have things like that happen are sociopaths.

Which is why he probably gets along with Trump so well.

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