An Report On Recycling That Is Complete … Garbage!

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Another report / study comes up to show us consumers that we’re all idiots because we’re not separating metal from plastic on toothpaste or not eating grease-less pizza (is there such a thing?).

We MUST do a better job of recycling because it’s costing taxpayers – US – money.

This is a serious WTF moment.

We need to rebel against this kind of garbage reporting and insist that we move forward with garbage in a substantially more meaningful way:

  1. Tax plastic. Let’s tax it into oblivion so that if it has to be used, it can only be done so with a high cost to the producer AND user.
  2. Demand better packaging. Producers of garbage are not consumers. Producers of garbage are the companies that push it on us when we buy what we need / want.
  3. Burn what’s left. I’m not a big fan of incineration, but it’s time has come and we have to burn what we can’t reduce, reuse or recycle.
  4. Make landfills illegal. That’s right: shut them down. Force consumers to demand better from producers when garbage starts piling up in the streets.

Garbage is garbage. We shouldn’t accept it in any form when we buy stuff.

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