August 29, 2018

Someone Finally Has What It Takes to Challenge Big Pharma

By admin

The BC government is filing a lawsuit against suppliers of opioids, basically saying that they mislead doctors and are downplaying addictive qualities.

‘It’s time opioid drug companies take responsibility for the human and financial toll their products have taken,’ says B.C. AG David Eby.

Thank you.

The world finally catching up to the crime that’s happening right under our noses.

Certainly, there is a large volume of illegal drug distribution and consumption happening in the market, but these deaths are being fueled by a lack of questions and concern within the medical community.

A class-action lawsuit should follow so that those profiting from the deaths of innocents will get a little more serious about what’s on the line.

FOOTNOTE: Now that we’re just starting to open our minds to the simple idea that the profit motive trumps health when it comes to pharmaceuticals, maybe it’s time we start re-evaluating the other tens of billions per year we pump into their coffers.

Public money shouldn’t result in public harm.