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The most important legal decision in the last 50 years is going to be made in the United States this week.

Brett Kavanaugh may be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States.

This is a life-time position.

We all know this though … we’ve been glued to whatever media format watching the testimony of Dr. Christine Blaset Ford.

This has been very difficult to watch for so many reasons.

All I can beg is … #BelieveHer.

Decisions made by the emotional and erratic and certainly partial defendant and candidate Brett Kavanaugh will affect multiple generations of women in the United States and may help spur misogynistic responses across the globe.

It will empower an attack on women everywhere.

Dr. Christine Ford has risked everything – her job, her family, friends and maybe even her career – so that she could bravely present a situation and expose the attitude of this candidate and how he is unfit to shape the legal destiny of the planet.

Please, #BelieveHer.


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