Why Does The Media Persist In Saying ‘Progressive’ Conservatives?

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There is no such thing in Canada.

The term ‘Progressive’ when applied to Conservatives is an oxymoron. Unless you’re trying to suggest that they’re trying to progress towards being evenĀ more Conservative.

Whether it’s Doug Ford ramming his chubby fist down the throat of democracy and threatening qualified judges or Andrew Scheer siding with Ford and jumping on the anti-Constitution bandwagon, the term ‘progressive’ is NOT applicable to these people.

So WHY does the media insist on using the phrase ‘Progressive Conservatives’ when talking about Canada’s alt-right, which is, let’s face it, what these people really represent.

Recent happenings in Ontario disgust me and I hear on the radio how Ford is just doing what he promised and how he’s reducing government.

No. He’s killing democracy.

First Toronto, then the rest of Ontario.

Stand aside and he’ll come after you next.

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