October 27, 2018

Old White Men: Don’t Dare Call Them Terrorists

By admin

Sigh …

Here we have a classic story about a terrorist in the United States actively terrorizing about a dozen specific people and thousands of others as a result of his actions:


But please note: the media won’t dare call this guy a terrorist.
This is a classic story of another old, angry white guy that shouts around about ‘political correctness’ or maybe ‘God loves me, but hates you’.
This is a story about another old, angry white man rebelling against the loss of his entitlements and acting on the whimsical statements of an insane president.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m an old white guy.
However, I’ve come to grips with the idea that the world doesn’t revolve around me and the mess that I’ve made of this planet. I understand that there’s always lots of room for people who AREN’T like me. I try very hard to help shape the future of the planet in a positive way. I do my best to show empathy towards those who are harmed by old white guy policies and practices.
However, like so many others, I face an uphill battle with the old white brigade deeply entrenched in their ways, fortified at the top of the heap.
We have to keep on trying to move forward, despite the resistance.
This isn’t a battle. This is a process that’s won by sheer education, determination and attrition.
There should be no casualties in this. Like all lessons in economics, there’s no point coming to the table if the results aren’t mutually beneficial.
It’s not a call to arms. It’s a plea for rational, civilized discussion about how we can all win when we all win.