November 8, 2018

Left-wing liberal media, my ass

By admin

Keep this cover page and article in your pockets for the next time some know-nothing whines about the ‘left-wing liberal’ media conspiracy that’s out to bring us communism.

How about The Ignorance?

Or the The Obliviousness?

The Old White Men Club?

Trogs well paid by the CAPP?

The Future Stops Here?

Even has jumped on the bandwagon by ridiculing this article and cover. with suggestions like:

  • The Tragically Unhip
  • Diversity is for tie colours
  • The Fellowship of The (Right) Wing
  • Siri, show me who watches the CFL
  • This picture has a combined Uber rating of 2.38.

Maclean’s – I’ve rarely found any respect for you in the past, and I continue to feel shame now for the embarrassing state of ‘investigative’ and ‘provocative’ journalism that you put together.

Oh, and if you want to know who owns Maclean’s and would like to hit them where it really hurts: Rogers Communications.

Cut your cords, transfer your cell phone accounts and cancel your magazine subscriptions.

Because if THEY want REAL resistance, we can bring it to them by boycotting this kind of tripe.