Ottawa’s Worst Mistake Under Trudeau

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There have been many gaffes on behalf of the Trudeau government.

For me, the biggest was not firing important people when they had a chance. The thousands of Harper minions that continue to toss rotten eggs at the current government should have been canned a long time ago.

Morneau should have also been either moved to another department or, ideally, let go from any decision-making post given the risk of perception of conflict.

That said, the Trudeau government has caved to Alberta’s oil industry and will likely pay out at least $1.6 billion to keep things moving.

What a waste. When governments like Norway and the Saudis continue to pull in hundreds of billions of funds, we decide to buy out pipelines and extend an oil-live branch to a very whiny sector of our economy.

Perhaps the price of Alberta oil is too low because no one wants it. This suggestion never seems to be floated by the powers that be, which confuses me.

Maybe … just maybe … I could be convinced that there’s something to this IF the Trudeau government ties the funds to the construction of at least one refinery in Alberta, but I doubt they have the foresight to do this.

But if they did, we latch on to the revenues and institute a clean-up fund for the Tar Sands, because you know the current owners won’t tidy up the mess they’ve made.

And who will benefit?

Mega-rich multinational oil companies that could care less about Canada.

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