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Anger and opposition has swept to all-time highs following theĀ choice of a number of radio stations to pull the song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ because someone had complained about the content.

Very swiftly, the internet world was packed with memes of outraged traditionalists who mocked people that wanted to shed a little light on Christmas pageantry.

The following made the rounds on Facebook:

I understand the indignation, but I beg people who are incensed about this original action to pause and think for a second: it someone an enormous amount of energy and stress to come forward and identify that certain tunes just aren’t cool.

And let’s face it: despite the effort to mock people that want some level of civility during the ‘holiday season’, the reality is that the defensive tact taken above is all pretty true!

Sure, we have yet to ban rap songs that are littered with the ‘n-word’ or talk of ‘bitches’ and ‘hos’, but that’s coming too.

It’s really not a free speech thing.

It’s a reaction to a slow and painful inundation of idiocy that overwhelms average people at this time of year and, frankly, the time has come to scrutinize the memes that get tossed about as ‘tradition’ without consideration for the people that it hurts.

I would also argue that it’s done intentionally by a number of corporate broadcasters in order to fuel their call lines and add an intense level of righteous indignation just in time for the birth of Christ almighty.

To repeat, it’s not a free speech thing. It’s a dearth in creativity and sensitivity that we need to bring to our world.

People that are ‘affected’ by these changes are typically the same white, middle age people that are ravaging this planet like a hoard of locusts with no end in sight. Christmas just gives them an excuse to literally step on the gas and bring all seven deadly sins to a max.

And remember that this is not pie: you’re really truly not losing anything. But the people who make progress are making substantial gains.

If we really believe in miracles, let’s try to make everyone happy. Equally.

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