Humpty Trumpty (The Story of Sir TanTrumpALot)

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(Notes below on the VERY conspiracy about Putin owning Trump …)

Humpty Trumpty wanted a wall
Humpty Trumpty will have a great fall
All of Mueller’s queries assemble the ties
But Trumpty is the best putz that Putin can buy!


Donald Trump has pushed nearly one million Americans into a state of flux because he insists on having a wall that any determined person can ignore, be it by digging, jumping, flying, swimming or ignoring it in other ways.

In fact, the US economy and, by reverberance, the entire global economy, may be put on hold until Sir TanTrumpALot is impeached.

All the best anarchy that Putin’s money could buy!! This story goes deep and elicits great concern on just how easy it may have been to install a ‘mole’ as President, starting as early as 1987.

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