February 21, 2019

Andrew Scheer and his Neon Nazis

By admin


Canadian politics have become utterly and shamefully disgusting.

I will most certainly vote Green in the next election.

Andrew Scheer and his Neon Nazis running up Parliament Hill with their antiquated, entitled, white racist bullshit make me want to puke. I’d sooner vote for a baby-killer than put an ‘X’ beside Andrew Scheer or one of his Conservatives.

How could this person be any more backwards? Supporting dirty tar projects for billionaire non-Canadian oil companies that are buying the 2019 election. No climate change plan. Willful ignorance of the changes we have to make if we’re going to save this planet.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has gone from amateur politician with a glint of hope to a complete trainwreck. His bailing out of the pipeline (clearly and willfully unnoticed by the likes of Scheer and his Angry WASPs), treatment of the SNC file, financial incompetence, crippling of Canadian democracy because of his arrogance and a dozen other issues have turned me off the Liberals permanently.

And don’t even get me started on the Never Deliver Progress (NDP) party. Special interest groups of a different kind (unions) consistently push them in the wrong direction (ie. the past).

I’m done. The Neon Nazis will probably win the 2019 election because voters are so easily manipulated, but I just don’t care anymore. That makes me sad, but clearly all of those who pretend to have Canada’s best interests at heart are working for someone else.