February 26, 2019

Evidence in the Stupidity of Saying ‘The Liberal Media’

By admin

When people say ‘the liberal media’, especially in Canada and the US, it truly makes me want to puke.

Here’s a classic headline from the oil-funded, American-owned National Post:

Our energy industry is in crisis, but Trudeau is too busy doing damage control over SNC-Lavalin to act

Ummm … what?

You mean the $4.5 billion and counting ‘investment’ (and overpayment) in a pipeline that no one wants for tar to be glugged through the mountains and into the sea doesn’t constitute action to support an industry that should be ailing / failing?

There IS a reason why Alberta crude price is so low.


That’s because the entire world is racing ahead to void themselves of carbon-producing industries like internal combustion engines and coal-fired energy. Most of the EU countries are on target to meet Paris Accord standards.

People are putting an end to wasteful single-use plastics and pesticides based on oil derivatives are being shown to be deadlier than ever.

We NEED to move on.

And where’s Canada?

Edging on dead last because we’re trying to appease coal trolls with their desire to keep us firmly entrenched in the First Industrial Revolution.

Sorry folks.

This is complete and utter bullshit.

Liberal media, my ass.