February 23, 2019

SNC: The Story Behind the Story

By admin

True corruption.

It’s the high cost of doing business with questionable ‘allies’, including corporate citizens that claim they’re only doing something because if they don’t, someone else will.

Rabble.ca comes and goes in terms of quality, but this is easily one of the most definitive and accurate descriptions of the deep roots of military and industrial corruption we’ve got going in Canada and elsewhere.

When hundreds of billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars are pissed down the drain every year on ships we don’t need (or that go to rust in abandoned harbours), planes we can’t fly or military that’s not necessary if we stop kicking sand in everyone’s face, it makes me mad.

This money could be spent on REAL issues like water for Canada’s First Nations, democratic reforms, free education and vastly improved infrastructure to suit our climate, but we’d much prefer to piss it away for the real criminals around the globe.

So, scream all you want about SNC-Lavalin and other companies profiteering from our fear of nothing or belief that ‘mega-projects’ are the only way to go, but what we really need to do is FIRE THEM ALL.

What’s evolved with the SNC-Lavalin issue is a parade of amateur mistakes. They should have backed away from a corrupt company the second they had the chance. Other governments should too.

And for the record: I would still prefer the Libs running the show, possibly licking their wounds a little, as opposed to Andy Scheer’s Neon Nazis and another 10 years of dark days for Canada.