February 25, 2019

The Vaccine Debate Continues …

By admin

Are people that choose organic troglodytes? Are people that choose sunshine over Vitamin D ‘flat earthers’? What about people that choose electric cars over gas? Are they intentionally trying to wreck Alberta’s economy?

There is nothing more illogical than a parent trying to protect their child. On both sides of the argument.

I admire this person for coming forward with his doubts. I share many of them.

BUT for the record, I believe in the science behind vaccinations. Along with clean water, modern advances in most forms of medicine and even better food safety standards, we’re all able to live more productive, disease-free lives.

That’s the ‘no brainer’ part of all of this.

The challenge? I simply don’t buy into the disgusting profits that are being made from the mandatory programs.

Billions are being made at taxpayer expense without any sense of accountability or transparency. This is wrong.

As a family, we resolved to allow some of the ‘required’ vaccinations for our child on a prolonged schedule so we weren’t doing them all at once. We stuck to the original schedule laid in the early 1980s that required approximately 12 vaccinations as opposed to the near-40 vaccinations required today.

How do you get someone like me to be more onside with vaccinations?

I’d like to see an honest discussion about the ingredients and profits being made by pharmaceutical companies at the same time we pivot away from vilifying people that simply want to protect their children. I’d like to see more support for OBJECTIVE research into additives like aluminum, mercury, glyphosate and other preservatives / adjuvants that we wouldn’t dare put into any other food products for health reasons, so why put them in vaccines? I’d like a strong, reliable database of side effects and complaints concerning vaccinations so that we can make them better and remove ALL doubts about their efficacy. Finally, I’d like to know what doctors and the medical gain from the funds that are pumped into supporting vaccines.

Please don’t assault, bully or vilify me. It’s the worst possible way to bring this whole thing forward.