March 31, 2019

I’m sorry … Canada’s Top Lawyer Did What?

By admin

Jody Wilson-Raybould recently released tapes of her conversation with now-retired Privy Council head Michael Wernick.

OK … let’s back up a second.

Canada’s once top lawyer – the Attorney General – knowingly recorded a conversation between herself and a senior bureaucrat.

Isn’t this called entrapment?

Isn’t this called inadmissible evidence?

Isn’t this called ‘failure to get a warrant’?

After trying to engage the Privy Council Clerk into a whole bunch of inflated and hyperbolic language about how pure and wholesome she is (something anyone would do when they know they’re recording the conversation), Wernick still failed to take the bait.

He simply repeated that he, the Prime Minister and many members of Cabinet would like her to do her job.

Find a way to negotiate with a company. We may not like it, but it’s done ALL THE TIME. It’s what Harper did with GM. It’s what governments have been doing with influencers since people created politics.

This whole thing has become a joke.

She may as well be known as Judas Wilson-Raybould. She has thrown Canada under the bus to be lead by the Con Clowns and circus known as Andy Scheer and his entourage.

She is done. Let’s find a new story, please.