I’m sorry … Canada’s Top Lawyer Did What?

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Jody Wilson-Raybould recently released tapes of her conversation with now-retired Privy Council head Michael Wernick.

OK … let’s back up a second.

Canada’s once top lawyer – the Attorney General – knowingly recorded a conversation between herself and a senior bureaucrat.

Isn’t this called entrapment?

Isn’t this called inadmissible evidence?

Isn’t this called ‘failure to get a warrant’?

After trying to engage the Privy Council Clerk into a whole bunch of inflated and hyperbolic language about how pure and wholesome she is (something anyone would do when they know they’re recording the conversation), Wernick still failed to take the bait.

He simply repeated that he, the Prime Minister and many members of Cabinet would like her to do her job.

Find a way to negotiate with a company. We may not like it, but it’s done ALL THE TIME. It’s what Harper did with GM. It’s what governments have been doing with influencers since people created politics.

This whole thing has become a joke.

She may as well be known as Judas Wilson-Raybould. She has thrown Canada under the bus to be lead by the Con Clowns and circus known as Andy Scheer and his entourage.

She is done. Let’s find a new story, please.

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2 comments on “I’m sorry … Canada’s Top Lawyer Did What?

  1. The answers to your questions in the order posed: no, no, and no. Entrapment is a matter of criminal law. The evidence of this phone call would likely be admissible if there was a judicial proceeding only there is not. There is no need for a warrant. This is not a criminal investigation.

    If this sort of thing is done ALL THE TIME as you contend then something is seriously wrong with our governance. Something needs to be done that this is effectively deterred.

    I suspect I have a good idea of what you must think of your fellow Liberal, Kinsella. He’s been after Justin almost from the day he took office. Yet some of the comments on his latest post are worth reading.

    Nobody has clean hands in this. Not the prime minister and his PMO and not Jody either. I was a faithful Liberal supporter going back to the days of Pearson and his succession by Pierre Trudeau. But the party of Wilfred Laurier, Louis St.Laurent, Mike Pearson and Pierre Trudeau is gone. I held on as long as I could but I left during the Ignatieff era and Justin Trudeau has done nothing but confirm my decision to leave.

    I want Andrew Scheer to lose in October. I want that as badly as anyone. That, however, doesn’t mean I have any reason to look forward to another Liberal government, especially not a majority. But know this. If Andrew Scheer does somehow prevail it won’t be Jody responsible for that. It will be a prime minister who promised electoral reform but reneged on his promise who will be to blame.

  2. Thanks for the comment! These are thoughtful points. I hear you 100% on the electoral reform: Liberal arrogance will yield the mess we’ll have in October.

    I too want Scheer to lose, but I don’t see how that would be possible. Especially not when we’re calling folks like Kinsella ‘Liberal’ (as evidenced by the array of Con ads on his site) or the Conservatives ‘Progressive’. Neither seem true these days, so Canadians have a LOT of learning to do about the political mire that exists in our country before they vote with emotion and disdain in the fall. If we do, I fear it’s game over for Canada.

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