My Two-Cents on Canada’s Political Quandary

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I don’t think we’ll ever truly know what happened behind closed doors with Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office, various cabinet offices and the lobbyists of SNC-Lavalin.

We have heard many versions of ‘my truth’, all of it pointing to a simple concern: we are experiencing the country’s worst human resources issue.

Or communication breakdown.

Requests were made, requests were misinterpreted, integrity called into question because certain actors felt there was undue pressure and so on …

I don’t mean to belittle the bravery of so many important players for speaking up about the situation … I really don’t. However, most of the situation feels very much like a ‘Canadian situation’, where everyone is polite about the issues and say sorry along the way.

Call it what you will, but it’s definitely not worth throwing the Canadian political system with the bath water, so to speak.

BUT … Andrew Scheer and his Con Media are going to keep pushing the so-called ‘hot buttons’ even though they’re all very lukewarm to tepid.

Through all of this, the easily misguided and quick-to-temper periphery of voters, especially the Neon-Nazis, has already decided that all of this nonsense is the last straw (even though they had made up their minds long ago that harm must come to Justin Trudeau). Junior must go.

I think a growing range of ‘average’ Canadian voters will start to feel the same, fatigue setting in, willing to take a chance on Sheer.

This is frightening. Rob Ford harnessed that madness and won the Ontario election, despite all of the evidence against him. And evidence that continues to grow against his government’s best intentions for the Ontario public.

Soooo … now it’s decision time.

I don’t want this to be the reality, but the reality is that the Liberals are taking a hit and JT definitely is no longer being seen as a credible leader. Other MPs and cabinet members are coming forward with what seem to be honest claims about his inability to lead.

I feel this leaves the Liberals with 3 choices:

  1. Justin Trudeau resigns. He doesn’t open things up for a leadership review. He resigns.
  2. They appoint an interim leader that will deflect the blows and possibly even clean house a little.
  3. The Liberals vote for Chrystia Freeland to run the show as their leader in the 2019 election. I would probably even give the Liberals money if they chose this route.

BUT … they’d have to commit to a couple of things first to get me fully on board:

  1. Make even a modest, half-assed effort to balance the budget to be delivered 2 weeks from now.
  2. Re-introduce electoral reform, returning to the promise of 2015 being the last ‘First Past the Post’ election.

Canadians are sick of the bullshit and want a government that’s no going to play the same old games with lobbyists, special interest groups and corporate cronies.

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