April 17, 2019

Another Victory for Racists and Homophobes

By admin

The United Conservative Party (UCP) won the Alberta election last night.

While it’s really no surprise, it makes me sad because it seems voters would rather vote for racist homophobes than vote for anyone that cares about the environment and future of the province and Canada.

Voters would sooner ignore the economic reality that the NDP had absolutely nothing to do with the international price of oil. They simply had to pay the cost of low prices.

Things are starting to look pretty bleak when it comes to the progressive mindset in Canada and elsewhere. Any last bastions of folks that pretend that they want to save the planet or protect this rare gift called Earth are pretty much cannabalizing themselves.

As Trudeau continues to mess up national affairs, we can be pretty much certain that the political landscape will be very dark ahead, brought to you by a bunch of old white guys that want to tell everyone else how to manage their own lives.