April 2, 2019

Buh Bye

By admin

JUST ANNOUNCED: JWR still insists that it’s Trudeau’s fault for her being kicked out of caucus.

Was it the Con judge that Trudeau refused to put into power?

Someone clearly hates Trudeau when she can’t see the damage that she’s bringing to the Liberals and the country of Canada.

And she still wants to blame Trudeau, despite the simple fact that the entire caucus finally made a collective decision to ask her to step aside.

It should have happened differently, but she wanted to burn Trudeau. We still don’t really know why, but maybe as an independent, she’ll reveal more of ‘her version’.

She should have recused herself from the entire situation the moment she stood up and told ‘her version’ of the story. People would still respect her today had she made that choice.

She might have even been welcomed back into Cabinet.

However, her trumped up, illegal, hyperbolic, entrapment-laiden HR problem that she’s dumped on the rest of Canada has steered Canadian voters into thinking that the Liberals are a disaster and that the only option is Andy Scheer’s Cons.

Ugh … what a mess.