April 28, 2019

Scheer Working for International Oil Thugs, Not Canadians

By admin

It’s important that we understand who Andrew Scheer and his minions are beholden to: oil.

International oil conglomerates, especially the likes of the Koch Brothers.

This article outlines the massive conflict of interest that Raggedy Andy has backed himself into over the past few months. First it was the ‘Let it Roll for Racists Rally‘ and now it’s the ever-expanding abomination of a marriage between himself and the Kochs.

But … ooops! Scheer nonsense is creeping in when he goes on the attack with environmental groups (and those pesky scientists telling us that we can’t keep pumping shit into the skies, streams and ground water) forgetting about his own agenda being sketched out by international oil execs.

All this said, Justin Trudeau hasn’t been a very popular fellow with this crowd ever since he basically nationalized and expropriated the Trans Mountain Pipeline (something the stone-age carbon crunchers in Alberta are all too happy to forget) last year.

And his international opponents with deep pockets will go every mile they can to find information on the network of left-wing commie pinkos that will get in their way. Creepier than Facebook, that’s for sure. WAAAAAAY creepier.

So, the attack is on and the international interests are looking for other weak-kneed politicians to buy out.

Looks like Andy’s their man!

Time for a proper investigation of the real story Canadians need to know about and not just one manufactured by political pundits in an effort to generate a gentle coup in Canada.