May 1, 2019

Canadaland Is Getting Attention

By admin

Canadaland – and more importantly, the persistent operator and owner, Jesse Brown – is getting attention.

While it’s certainly not the attention they deserve, they’re getting attention from big players in the US and as the saying goes, even bad attention is good.

They’re being labeled as ‘fake news’ in the US.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

Is it because they’re actually doing something right?

For example, a story about Shaw’s Global News complete vapourization of a news story on the Koch Brothers and firing of the investigative journalist involved who tracked down some of their funding of political activities in Canada and the US (including Andrew Scheer’s meeting with various oil execs, which has only hit the news recently)?

Or maybe because they turned their sites on the bullshit funding program set up by the current and previous governments designed to bail out ‘we can’t make any money as capitalists, so we’re going to go to the government with our hands out looking for cash injections’ Post Media and other traditional news reporting companies? I mean having sellouts do their shilling and pretending to be ‘progressive pundits’ is one thing, but intentionally setting up programs to help get funding to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars that no one in the digital world can possibly imagine receiving?

Perhaps it’s even because they are drawing attention to an organization in BC that’s effectively educating people about the opioid crisis in Vancouver and other areas in the lower mainland.

Who can tell, right? If it’s ‘fake news’ I’m buying it. Hell, I’m even supporting their Patreon fund because they’re kicking all of the bastards squarely in the nads just when we need it the most.