June 18, 2019

Decarbonization & TMX

By admin

Today, Canadians will be told whether or not the controversial TMX pipeline will be allowed to proceed.

If the answer is yes, we institutionalize the reliance of heavy tar production from Alberta. This increase in production will send us in a direction of carbon production that the rest of the country will not be able to counter-balance.

I believe our reliance on the tar sands will push us to environmental and social ruin, resulting in long-term economic catastrophe.

If the answer is no, it’ll likely result in Alberta (and possibly Saskatchewan) pushing for ‘independence’. At a bare minimum, they will continue to foster and support radical right-wing factions that will permanently drive a wedge between themselves and the rest of Canada.

This data from the World Economic Forum shows how countries around the world are acting like adults and taking the lead when it comes to ‘decarbonization’, the act of installing more renewable energy production than they consume by way of carbon and fossil fuels.

Canada actually seems to fair well, but institutionalizing the TMX pipeline and endorsing tar sands production at the expense of our environment will be a massive step backwards.

If we destroy the planet, who gives a shit about political stability?