Christian Special Interest Groups and the Conservatives

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Across the country, special interest groups are guiding politics without us really knowing about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Take, for example, the Religious Christian Right. Some have claimed that they helped Doug Ford come to power in Ontario. And, they had a lot to do with Jason Kenney’s rise to power.

I know this will constitute broad strokes that people might bristle at, but this is a demographic of folks that seem to desperately want to control the lives of others.

If you’re gay, a woman, someone with less opportunity, someone of colour or different ethnicity, or … maybe all of the above, they want to control you.

Anti-homosexuality, anti-choice, anti-immigration. No sex education.

These are the sparks that set the flames of the proverbial Hell.

Of course, we know all of that ‘fire and brimstone’ stuff to be nothing but pure myth, so why the fetish with control?

And why do Conservatives consistently listen to what they have to say?

From a personal standpoint, this is why I’ll NEVER be able to vote for a Conservative. They, again digging into the allegory, routinely speak with forked tongues. They say one thing, but their special interest friends get them to act differently.

Ultimately, the question is: why do we allow these people to interfere with basic principles like good government, fiscal balances and reliable infrastructure investments? These should be the core beliefs of Conservatives across the country, not what the government should be able to say / not say about your body, your mind or your existence.


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