The Search Goes On …

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Over the last week, tragedy has struck western Canada, first with the deaths of two young Australian adults and then the disappearance and subsequent murder of a Vancouver man.

An epic search is underway for the two teen suspects.

Three murders. All white. Massive response.

Have we seen similar response to the missing and murdered Indigenous women over the last few decades?


Apparently, it’s almost impossible to even estimate the number of Indigenous women that have either disappeared or that have been murdered. Rough numbers come to 4,000 since the early 1960s.

And in the last year? No one knows. It’s not a pattern to be proud of.

Again, tragedy has struck and I in no way mean to belittle the horror and sadness being felt by the families of the current victims.

However, we need to take note of the effort and ask why certain other folks throughout Canada are not getting the same attention.

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