August 4, 2019

United States of Terrorism

By admin

The United States is failing before our eyes.

Reports of another terrorist gun attack in California.

And another in El Paso.

And another in Ohio just last night.

All within a couple of days.

Once again, the media fails to label these terrorists as terrorists, but that’s ALL they are. Angry, racist, white men determined to follow the commands of their leader.

They are fueling mayhem and fear in the United States.

Randomness is what they rely on most.

Keep people indoors.

Getting more anti-social by the day.

Hating more.

We won’t travel to the US any more. Not only do we fear for our lives, but we just don’t want to risk supporting anyone or anything that supports this insanity.

While we continue our travel ban, should we start considering an economic boycott? What about the companies that sell the guns to these terrorists? WalMart? Costco? Bass Outlet Store? Have any of you stepped up and taken responsibility for this madness? Are you going to ban guns like we try to limit the number of plastic bags in the environment? Probably not …

The great American experiment is failing before our eyes.

Interesting times, indeed.