We Should All Spend $442 On Facebook Targeting Climate Deniers

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Poor Elections Canada. Making dumb decisions dumber.

People and organizations tell the truth. What do they have to do? They have to register with Elections Canada as a political interest group and expose themselves to the risk of being audited or bullied by government organizations.

This means any organization expressing views contrary to political bull shit will be at risk of being publicly shamed by our government.

Meanwhile, deniers will be allowed to lie and manipulate the truth. Some even push new limits with respect to libel or even threats of assault or murder of specific candidates. Our Prime Minister is not even immune to these kind of threats.

Or ‘think tanks’ that are well-funded by third-parties like the Koch Brothers and others – example: the Fraser Institute – get to simply coast by spreading lies and nonsense about government programs their ‘investors’ and supporters don’t agree with. To make it worse, even the CBC continues to refer to these organizations as legitimate sources of information, despite the fact that they’re not audited or are not transparent about their source of funds or influence.

So where does that leave average Canadians that want a progressive, thoughtful future for not just Canada, but the rest of the world?

F’ed. We are f’ed. If this is the crap we have coming down the pipe, I can’t even begin to imagine the slew of tricks these people will be pulling out of their hats to bring down the Liberals and other progressive voices in Canada.

What’s the solution? We all commit to spending a minimum amount of money on Facebook, Twitter and others social media channels promoting education and targeting knuckle-dragging deniers.

Just don’t spend more than $442 + HST. That’ll push you beyond the magic $500 level. Like that means anything to billionaire bandits like the Kochs.

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