August 6, 2019

We’re All Big Oil’s Playthings

By admin

It’ll take 2800 years to clean up the mess in Alberta and elsewhere:

It looks we’re just playthings for the oil sector. Flies in the ointment.

Even the Green Party is caving in to demands of Alberta, promising to only use oil and other carbon resources from Canada as opposed to other sources, even though Canadian sources generate very little net gain for us and perpetuate the endless funding of people like the Koch Brothers and other non-Canadian sources.

And now we’re slowly discovering that the Oil industry has been using Canada’s spy agency – CSIS – to collect information on protesters and opponents to pipelines and carbon creation in general.

Details are still being reviewed, but access to information folks in BC have identified that CSIS has been using information about protesters and making a file on them, including activists like Tzeporah Berman, primarily because she’s showing leadership against Jason Kenney’s Un-Albertan Activities Committee, a throw-back to the days of McCarthyism in the US.

Is this a good use of Canadian taxpayer resources?

Are we sure we should perpetuate the petrol state at the expense of our long-term economy, environment and social stability in Canada?